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Electronic Water Softener

Electronic Water Softener


Electronic Water Softener

Hard water has a high concentration of minerals, and of these calcium salts are the most troublesome.

The working principle of the water softener is based on a theory from 1930 which states that an
electric field causes small crystals of calcium carbonate in the water to join together to form larger crystal,
as a result the water becomes soft.

How to instal device?
Just wrap the blue wire clockwise around the main water pipe coming into your home,
The entire device can be be fixed with cabel ties to water pipe
. Then connect the device to a power supply 9-12 volts DC adapter and turn the switch ON. The blue LED will light up on the switch. From now you can enjoy the soft water in your home.

Please note:
This device requires adapter DC power supply with output voltage from 9v to12v with a female plug 5.5mm x 2.1mm. If you need DC adapter please ask, the additional cost of £12 is required.

- Temperature operation range: 10C to 40C (in Celsius degree units)

- Operating range in air humidity: 20% to 65%


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